Great works and great authors deserve great books

CM EDITORES is proud to present a new collection of exceptional bibliophile books. These are the comments of each of our facsimile editions that, for the first time, will be available for individual sale for a limited time.

All of them have been made by authors of great relevance and international recognition in the scope of the specific study of each work.

As you can see in the technical specifications of each one of them, they are profusely illustrated with hundreds of full color images and they are presented in heavyweight paper and luxury hard cover binding.

Our catalog

Absolute Durer

Discover a unique work where the work of the great German artist is analyzed in detail.

See the book. 

Papyrus of Ani (The Book of the Dead)

The Book of the Dead is the modern name of a funerary text of Ancient Egypt.

See the facsimile edition.